Mar 2020 - The Witness of God's Creative Genius

Imagine if a Porsche 911 GT3 appeared by chance in your backyard! The wind blew and atoms bumped into each other forming compounds and structures. The result of blind chance is a fully functioning Porsche that you cannot tell apart from a factory made Porsche. It even has a full tank of fuel!

Would you expect anyone with a sound mind to believe your Porsche was made by blind chance? Is there anyone who would think you were telling the truth?

Now for the real question - is the organic world less complex in structure, in operation and interdependence than a car?

The complexity of a car can be likened to children's Duplo blocks when compared to the complexity of the world that God has created. We are alive and the question is - how did we get here? The Christadelphians believe that creation is a witness to God’s creative genius.

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