Mar 2020 - Israel - Living Proof Of A Living God

The nation of Israel today is extremely small in size by land and number, especially in comparison to the rest of the world. The nation has survived many wars and is in existence still today.

The Bible makes special mention of a number of promises that God made to an individual named Abraham. Both he and his descendants were specifically promised the land of Israel in Genesis chapter 17v7-8. Time and time again the nation of Israel has been overrun by war, taken captive, scattered and very recently in world history, they have been regathered and made into a nation as one people.

Against logical odds they still exist, despite being a minority and having so many enemies. This can only be explained by God’s protection of the nation and in Jerimiah chapter 31v35-36 God states quite clearly that the nation of Israel will continue to exist, just like the sun, moon and stars will.

At the time of the Babylonian captivity, when the Jewish nation didn’t possess their own land, Ezekial - one of God’s prophets - made a prophecy. Ezekiel prophesied that the nation would be regathered from the nations, brought back to their own land, made into one nation in the land of Israel and that God would set over them one king. In addition to Ezekiel there are other prophesies in the Bible that tell of the nation’s future. Today, some of these prophecies are recent history letting us look back to see God’s work in protecting and preserving the people, as a nation. Some of the prophecies are still to be fulfilled.

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