Feb 2020 - Why the God of the Bible is the Only True God

God’s word, the Bible, His creation and the existence of a Jewish nation, prove and are a witness to the existence of a God. The Bible, God’s word, explains how sin and death entered the world [Genesis 3] and it also explains how God intends to remedy it, by the resurrection of the dead [Daniel 12:2]. Since God sent a mortal, naturally sin prone man to the earth (Jesus) who lived a perfect life fulfilling the law; the grave couldn’t hold him so God raised him up to live forever.

The God of the Bible isn’t a God who promotes war. In the Old Testament he reveals [Exodus 34:6-7] what his character is; he also reveals his purpose with creation [Isaiah 45:18]. God never, at any point, revealed himself as multiple people, only as one [Deuteronomy 6:4]. The God of the Bible sent his son, to be sacrificed for the forgiveness of sins. This made it possible for Adam’s curse to be reversed and made it possible for the promises that God himself made to Adam, Abraham, David and many other people to be fulfilled.

The Bible is quite clear with what happens to people who die, good or bad. You go to the same place - the grave. This is spelt out in many different places (Ecclesiastes 9:5 for example). The hope of the Bible, God’s word, is the resurrection of the dead and the establishment of the Kingdom of God, which will be set up by God’s son, when he returns.

The existence of the Jewish nation is beyond denial, proof that God exists. The smallest, unrecognised, peculiar race of people, which were opposed by nearly every nation for their whole existence, has still survived to the present day (and still will) and it is because God is protecting them, because they are his witnesses. Isaiah 43: 1, 10-12

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