December 2020 - World In Turmoil: Countdown To War

Man’s biggest problem is eternal death not corona virus. Rom 6v23

Only Christ’s rule can bring about a peaceful solution to conflicts between people.

Armageddon is an event in which the nations will be drawn to Jerusalem for judgement much like a farmer threshes his wheat.

After the example of the battle in Jehoshaphat’s day, God will in the same place judge the nations who came against the Jews. 2Chron 20v2 and Zech 14

The Jews will be taken captive into Russia, which will provoke God to defend His people. Joel 3

Joel 3, Rev16, Ezek38 and Zech14 form a collage of WW3 which Russia begins.

It will be considered a Holy War not just a military invasion.

The Jews aren’t saved because they are righteous or religious, but because of the promises made to the fathers and because God’s Temple will be built in Jerusalem.

The consequences of the war will be a 7 year clean up, and a mausoleum of graves which worshipers will see on their way to worship at the Temple.

Britain and her allies will oppose this attack but be powerless to stop it.

Only war can bring about peace on earth because only when God’s judgements are in the earth will the inhabitants learn righteousness. Isa 26v9

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