April 2020 - World in Chaos - Who is in Control?

World in Chaos from Tea Tree Gully Ecclesia on Vimeo.

The Oxford Dictionary gives the meaning of “chaos” as “complete disorder and confusion”. There

could hardly be a more apt description of the current state of our world! There are other words we

could use (which in fact are being used), such as “unprecedented”, “unpredictable”, “uncertain” and

so on.

Chaos reigns in every department of our society. We face the challenges of climate change, a blow-

out in the economy, social discontent and anarchy, with protests proliferating on every imaginable

issue; and the forecast for the future doesn’t read well at all. Then, of course there’s the

unpredictable behaviour of Russia, Iran and China, to name a few – terrorists, cyber warfare and

“man’s inhumanity to man” in general. Add to that the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 and one

would certainly be inclined to think this world is out of control!

But our title asks “Who is in control?” Well the answer to that is very clear and simple – GOD IS IN


That doesn’t mean that God is actually making all this happen: humanity is quite capable of

orchestrating it all – but it is all happening “with God’s permission” as a part of His Divine eternal

plan. God created the human race with free will and they have gone about their business in their

own willful way but there is a time when God will intervene.

The Bible tells us, in the prophecy of Daniel and at chaptrer 2 (verses 20 and 21) that it is God Who

rules, changes times, sets up kings and removes them and He is prepared to give wisdom and

knowledge to those who are prepared to seek, to find the purpose and meaning in all this prevailing


The Doomsday Clock is a symbol that was set up in 1947 by a group of eminent scientists to indicate

the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe. On January 23 rd 2020 the hands of the clock were

moved to highlight “the most dangerous situation humanity has ever faced”. This was based on 3

factors: (1) the worsening nuclear threat, (2) lack of action on climate change and (3) cyber-enabled

disinformation campaigns. The Doomsday Clock hands are now set at 100 seconds to midnight –

closer to midnight than at any time in its 75 year history! The clock time is now expressed in seconds

“to underscore the need for action”.

Does all this concern you?

Are you keen to know the options for you and your family?

The Bible tells us in Luke 21 that there will come a time when “men’s hearts will fail them for fear of

those things that are transpiring in the earth”. Have we come to such a time? It would seem so.

If you wish to find the answers…if you wish to know the Plan, read the Book and begin by listening to

the Presentation, “World in Chaos, God is in control”!

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