Story of the Bible Seminars

God, creation and the first sin

  1. Jan29 God’s character, God is one, God’s purpose & The creation
  2. Feb 05 Adam and Eve. Judgement, punishment and hope.

Abraham: the man who was promised the world

  1. Feb 12 Abram. Further promises and us. Have these promises been fulfilled? The promises and us. When will the promises be fulfilled? Summary.

Moses and the Law of Israel

  1. Feb 19 The tribes of Israel & The exodus from Egypt
  2. Feb 26 The Law of Moses.
  3. Mar 05 In the wilderness & Conquering Canaan.

The Judges and kings of Israel

  1. Mar12 The period of the Judges. Saul, the first king of Israel.
  2. Mar 19 David becomes king of Israel. The reign of Solomon.
  3. Mar 26 The divided kingdom: Israel and Judah. The prophets of Israel. The kingdom of Judah.

Captivity in Babylon and return to Jerusalem

  1. Apr 02 The captivity. The return to Israel. From Malachi to Matthew.

Jesus Christ

  1. Apr 9 Son of God. Prophecies of Jesus. His childhood.
  2. Apr 30 His baptism. His temptations.
  3. May 07 His disciples. His miracles. His teaching.
  4. May 14 Opposition. His death. His resurrection. After the resurrection. Belonging to Christ.

The early church

  1. May 21 The preaching of the apostles. Saul the Pharisee. The first century church.

The kingdom of God

  1. May 28 The return of Jesus; Resurrection; Judgement
  2. June 04 The battle of Armageddon; Jesus will be king; A new world order; The millennium.

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