Special Presentation: Israel is turning 70 – but who’s celebrating?

You are warmly invited to attend a gripping presentation:

Israel turns 70, but who’s celebrating?

3,000 tumultuous years of history… A nation reborn from the flames… Survival against all odds…
70 chaotic years… war, bloodshed, friction …

So who is celebrating this birthday? We are, because it’s all part of God’s grand plan.

The Bible states that Israel is God’s chosen people – guided through times of prosperity and prominence but also punished with times of darkness and loneliness – all mapped out long before the events transpired.

God promised that the existence of Israel as a nation would be a constant witness to His existence and more than that, to the promise of a peaceful future! This sounds hard to believe but we want to show you, through the record of the Bible, God’s proven ability to accurately predict the future – of Israel, of the world and more personally, your future.

If you are not in the Tea Tree Gully area, the same presentation will be held in other venues across Adelaide. To find a venue near you, click here.

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