History of the TTG Bible Centre

The history of the Christadelphians at the TTG Bible Centre. We have lived in the Tea Tree Gully area for over 100 years.

Here are some interesting details about the development of the TTG Bible Centre over the years:

  • In the early 60's a home discussion/study group was formed.
  • In 1970 we held public presentations in hired halls.
  • In June 1970 regular activities commenced - Sunday meeting, Sunday School classes for all ages, Sunday evening Public lectures and Wednesday evening Bible Study Classes.
  • In October 1970 official incorporation was established with 38 members.
  • In 1976 the hall was constructed at 1186 Grand Junction Rd adjacent to the Hope Valley Cemetery.
  • As our membership grew some of our members transferred to assist other smaller groups of Christadelphians. This has occurred a number of times.
  • In 1981 a new Sunday school classroom was constructed due to an increase in the number of students.
  • Further hall extensions and renovations were carried out to facilitate a growing number and today the TTG Bible Centre consists of over 150 members (age range of 17-87), including three generations of members plus children.

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